Public Sector & Institutions

Operations Improvement & Performance Management

SYMPAN serves the following sectors:

Process Planning and Identification

  • Functional and process model classification.
  • Method forming, examination and strategy.
  • Gap analysis and procedure assessment.
  • Benchmarking and development designation.

Business Process Alteration and Development

  • Alternative functional opportunities, classification and simulation.
  • Process overview, re-design and re-engineering.
  • Process Control & Management.

Performance Supervision

  • Performance management systems implementation and improvement.
  • Scorecard design and internal communication.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) selection.
  • Metrics definition and KPIs measurement.

Organizational Restructuring & Transformation

SYMPAN provides the following services:

  • Performance analysis and (re)design.
  • Roles description for organizational departments.
  • Allocation of authorities, responsibilities and duties.
  • Management and policymaking systems.
  • Job remake – Job descriptions development.
  • Skills building, including educational programs and staff incentives.

Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening

Services include on the job training, mentoring and coaching in the below mentioned:

  • Institutional establishment: Development of official frameworks according to national priorities and international obligations.
  • Establishment of new socio-economic policies and/or policy reform programs.
  • Improvement of functional capabilities of beneficiary institutions.
  • Design and outline of new organization policies, processes, principles, services delivery practices.

Change Program Management

SYMPAN provides services that include:

  • Construction of a realistic change plan (stages, resource requirements and performance objectives).
  • Establishment of change management processes.
  • Transformation of internal communication, information and responsiveness.