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SYMPAN helps the formulation and evaluation of critical decisions, and then takes action upon those decisions so as to positively affect the organizations’ current standing and future development.Due to the fact that such challenges are often of a strategic and/or financial nature, SYMPAN has identified issues of particular significance and has developed services in this area related to the following:.

Corporate Strategy & Business Planning
Since, value creation is by nature a core need for enterprises operating in a competitive environment or for organizations who serve a public interest, the key drivers of such value creation need to be under actionable and measurable plans for implementation.

When working with companies and organizations, all different factors need to be addressed, such as:

  • Market/Scope perimeter definition and sizing.
  • Competitive/Stakeholder dynamics.
  • Customer/Beneficiary division.
  • Opportunity definition and valuation.
  • Value chain optimization and placement.
  • Technology and people productivity, optimization and placement.
  • Financial outcome consideration.

To further articulate the results of such strategy development work, SYMPAN’s detailed business planning addresses the following aspects:

  • Regulatory
  • Commercial
  • Operational/Organizational
  • Human resources
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure
  • Financial

Eventually, the results of the business planning work are used to develop an action plan to drive the implementation of the plan in terms of:

  • Implementation of work flow
  • Timelines
  • Duties
  • Costs and Overheads

SYMPAN supports the above mentioned services during the strategy design as well as in the phase of implementation by working in collaboration with clients and organizations.
 Integrated Restructuring

SYMPAN services customers in areas such as:

  • Restructuring.
  • Development of business opportunities.
  • Reduction of operational expenses.
  • Transformation of the business structure and processes.
  • Investments
  • Development of management with people of related experience.

When needed SYMPAN provides additional expertise in critical industry matters or other specific issues.

Privatization Advisory
The privatization life cycle includes asset opportunity sizing and enabling, investor attraction, selection and contracting and change of control and transition into new ownership status.
Sympan offers key capabilities such as:

  • Business/Technical advisory
  • Financial/Transformation advisory
  • Regulatory advisory
  • Project Management services,

which are required when investor attraction, choice of contracting and change of control or alteration into new ownership status are needed.
The above capabilities are needed from both sides of the privatization transaction:

  • “Sell” side or
  • “Buy” side

Corporate & Project Finance
SYMPAN services clients in areas such as:

  • Public - Private Partnerships
  • New Projects Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investment plan development
  • Project preparation and maturity
  • Investor recruitment and selection
  • Project funding and implementation
  • Business and economic planning
  • regulatory reflection
  • Shareholder management and negotiation
  • Technical and construction implementation
  • Project management and integration