Manufacturing & Supply Chain

SYMPAN supply services on the following sectors:

Factory Supply Chain

System configuration:

  • Coding of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods
  • Master data definition
  • Bill of materials
  • Material movements posted in the system (goods receipt, goods return, post-production, stock in transit, stock adjustment)
  • Supplier/Vendor Management Inventory (SMI/VMI)
  • Supplier/Vendor Owned Inventory (SOI/VOI)

Data analysis:

  • Production planning and detailed scheduling (PPDS) generating requirements in raw materials and resources
  • Micro-planning optimization
  • Scheduling coordination of the production departments
  • Raw materials planning based on master data (minimum order qty, rounding value, lead time, safety stock)
  • Capacity planning
  • Production planning segmentation analysis
  • Headcount planning
  • Inventory monitoring, control and optimization
  • Material losses monitoring and reduction
  • Portfolio analysis: Pareto, Simplification, Negotiation, Cost savings

Product Costing

  • Materials standard cost
  • Activities definition
  • Activities standard cost
  • Product families
  • Activities quantity per product family

Finance Planning, Monitoring, Analysis and Control

System configuration:

  • Definition of cost centers and general ledger accounts
  • Distinguish general ledger accounts to fixed and variable
  • Invoice matching with cost centers and general ledger accounts
  • Cost centers and general ledger accounts matching with product cost activities
  • Cost allocation rules

Data analysis:

  • Budget planning based on volume forecast
  • Capacity analysis
  • Budget review
  • Variances analysis
  • Spending control
  • Utilities monitoring and control
  • Cost reduction / Savings program

Shopfloor Reporting

  • Overall Asset Effectiveness Model
  • Planned and unplannced downtime monitoring
  • Productivity per equipment / production area / work center
  • Throughput per time and people resources
  • Smart Factory - Online shopfloor reporting

Manufacturing Continuous Improvement - Kaizen

  • Unplanned downtime root cause analysis
  • Bottleneck analysis per production area / work center
  • SMED analysis and changeover time reduction
  • 5S and Visual factory
  • Daily improvement
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Material losses reduction
  • Energy reduction
  • Cost reduction / Savings program
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - Prodaxion
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - Safeworks
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - incidents

Business excellence

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Business processs tools
  • Business intelligence
  • ERP functions automation

New Products Project Management

  • End-to-end New Products Project Management

Factory Operations Support Suite

  • Standard processes and tools that offer real added value to the production process, free up resources, reduce costs, enhance transparency throughout the production process, and facilitate internal and external auditing.